3 Keys to Manifesting Miracles

When you are attempting to manifest something it’s not the time to be faint-hearted, or to vaguely hope something will happen. Hope is not conducive to manifestation.

1. The Key of Belief

That means one hundred percent commitment to what you seek. What you believe is what you receive. It may not come in exactly the same package you expected but our Guides are there to help us when we ask. There is a little hiccup though. If on some level you have even an inkling of doubt that you deserve this, or you have a little left over anger towards yourself for something you did to someone or you are just a tiny bit unsure whether you really want this, your Guides will pick up on that energy and honour you by waiting until you have dealt with these issues first. It is all about the Law of Attraction. You have heard of that I’m sure. The Law of Attraction is all about energy.

2. The  Key of Joy

.If you put energy into feeling the joy of receiving what you wanted, appreciating yourself as deserving of abundance, being clear about what you want and feeling the energy as if you have already received it you will see miracles occur all through your happen life. However, if after all that, you begin to feel doubtful that it might not happen, uncertain that all this is for real, or concerned that you may have overstepped possibility, guess what? You will be putting an equal amount of negative energy into what you have already created and the likely hood of you manifesting what you want diminishes with every negative thought.

3. The Key of Trust

Trust that you can handle love, success, wealth and unlimited joy.Trust you are ready. Concentrate on the feeling of living your dream right now.







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